Radarine 60 caps/10mg

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RAD-140 is a research compound which has undergone a number of trials to see if it can offer a lower side effect option than anabolic steroids by increase muscle protein synthesis without the androgenic effects that steroids can cause (androgenic effects include anything associated with masculinising characteristics which are not related to muscle mass such as baldness, acne, and more body hair).

In studies, Radarine Max’s active agent, RAD-140 has been shown to be a notably effective lean mass catalyst, capable of inducing significant gains in muscle mass and enhancing the rate of fat loss concurrently. Furthermore, it was also shown to be capable of delivering these results without the androgenic effects seen with similarly potent androgens.



As with all S.A.R.M.S, Radarine Max works by selective agonism of muscle tissue, meaning it can increase the rate of muscle growth but without the side effects which would happen with a typical steroid which acts not only on muscle tissue but any part of the body where androgen receptors proliferate such as the scalp (causing hair loss) or back (causing acne and the dreaded hairy back!). Furthermore, while we would not recommend it for females, in studies, Radarine Max has not caused the type of masculinising effects seen with steroids.

Radarine Max is a very potent compound which would not normally need to be stacked. However, for users who are already carrying a lot of muscle mass and who have extensive training experience, Radarine Max can be stacked with other S.A.R.M.S or even with a prohormone for those seeking to increase muscle building capabilities yet further.

It can also be utilised in conjunction with fat burners and preworkouts, if your primary goal is burning fat or improving performance. However, we would not suggest stacking it with natural anabolics, or testosterone boosters/estrogen blockers – such products are better off being utilised when you come off Radarine Max to help you consolidate the gains made while using it.

Dosage: 10mg/caps

Amount: 60 capsules


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